Product Overview

We deliver zero-emission drive systems for ships, hydrofoil systems to reduce energy consumption, maritime software systems for fleet optimization and other interdisciplinary technological solutions. Our projects start with a customer requirement analysis, after which we follow the V-model for systems engineering to explore and design an integrated solution. Our "engineering toolkit" is varied, so we have the right tool for each challenge.

Our track record contains a complete watertaxi operations system, the full powertrain design for a commercial hydrogen-electric boat, a modular remote-controlled hydrofoil test platform for TU Delft and a concept design for a new hydrofoil solar boat class.

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Zero-emission Drive systems

Electrical drivetrains are essential for the energy transition in the naval sector. We offer an efficient drivetrain system for motor powers from 5 to 500 kW. We can drastically extend your range with a hydrogen fuel cell system. Our solution can be used for new vessels and in retro-fit.

  • • Powerful zero-emission solution
  • • Modular, customizable system design with hydrogen range extender option
  • • Less noise than conventional powertrain
  • • Lower maintenance & Higher energy efficiency than most conventional powertrains
  • • Live energy data insights

Dynamic Naval Monitoring (DyNaMo) platform

To smoothly operate a vessel and a fleet, data insights are essential for the operator, skipper and maintenance crew. Flying Fish delivers a customized digital systems for on-board data collection, data processing and online visualization. DyNaMo platform features:

  • DyNaMo Box, to collect system, sensor and motion data on board.
  • DyNaMo App, to track fleet and see operational status or for customer to follow their cargo.
  • DyNaMo Sensoring, to measure powertrain and system performance with additional sensors.
  • DyNaMo Cloud, our database solution to record live fleet data and do real-time operations optimization.
  • DyNaMo Reports, to compare fleet performance over time, in both operational and technical aspects.
  • DyNaMo Dashboard, live fleet location, motion and performance data.

Watertaxi Operations System

Full Watertaxi Operating System with support for booking trips, planning, monitoring, and on-vessel infrastructure.

  • • Operational sofware on which watertaxi companies run their full business operations.
  • • Back-end, planning and front-end software
  • • Live insights for operators, planners and owners.
  • • Sensorkits for optimal fleet usage and and preventive maintenance

Hydrofoil Consultancy & Design

Flying Fish is uniquely capable of providing experienced consultancy for hydrofoil designs. Our aerospace and mechanical engineering backgrounds meld together for the right mix of expertise for guiding and improving hydrofoil design projects.

  • • Can reduce your boats energy consumption by 60%
  • • Mechanical and subsystem design, prototyping and testing
  • • Engineering for your use case
  • • Hydrofoil system optimisation with our own simulation software

Mobility Maps

The Flying Fish Mobility Map analysis software uses a data-driven approach to gain insight into the hard facts of mobility and accessibility in urban areas. New understanding of the mobility challenges in a region can be used for informed decisions related to your organization, public authority or company. How can you benefit from this type of mobility analysis?

  • • Customizable analysis to target regions of interest
  • • A scientific basis for decisions on public transport initiatives
  • • Reports delivered quickly
  • • Intuitive visualizations of results

Engineering Solutions

Interdisciplinary engineering solutions for any business. From logistics to mechanics. From apps to algorithms. Our broad range of expertises includes:

  • • Mechanical engineering
  • • Software systems and app development
  • • Control systems engineering
  • • Hydrofoil design and simulation
  • • Electrical engineering
  • • Sustainable energy technology
  • • Aerospace engineering
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